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Postipuisto Residential, Fira Oy Data-drive to site management Leading with data is helping construction sites reach higher-quality handovers and Read more
Fira Construction and SATO Fira and SATO are developing new ways of data-driven management in a pilot project Open Read more
J. Malm Oy Fira Sitedrive makes schedule planning and information sharing easier Construction company J. Malm is building Read more


Site meeting without prepping? Still in piloting, these site office dashboards support leading with data by bringing data from various different systems into clear and concise views. Read more
Fira Group launches Fira Smart for builders Fira Smart invites all construction professionals to discuss the future of construction – together. Fira Smart gathers together development work on processes, tools and ideologies done on construction sites. Read more
Fira partners with Futurice Fira Smart works in accelerated development with Futurice on data-driven construction management, such as real-time dashboards for situational awareness. Read more


Systemic change – people or tools first? Well now, we’re building the future of construction, and fast. We’ve got takt times, data-drives, Read more
Has developing takt production stalled? Takt production is already familiar on many construction sites of today. It’s quite well understood Read more
Construction needs a systemic change There have been plenty of attempts to fix construction. First, we believed in BIM, then, Read more