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Reference - JMalm recommends Sitedrive

J. Malm Oy

Published: 24.10.2018

Fira Sitedrive makes schedule planning and information sharing easier

Construction company J. Malm is building a new oxygen center for the teaching hospital at Tampere, Finland. Fira Sitedrive helps the site management to easily create not only the general schedules but also the weekly construction planning. They find the location-independent software easy to use.

– We are a mid-sized construction company, specialized in industrial and public buildings, says the responsible site manager, Eero Hyvärinen.

We have started to do our weekly planning on a much more detailed level.

Software that you can use anywhere

J. Malm uses Fira Sitedrive on the hospital site for creating the general schedule as well as for weekly planning. Sitedrive fits the purpose of construction site scheduling and schedule management well, as it is designed specifically for it.

– One concrete benefit of Sitedrive is absolutely that it’s not dependent on where you are. I don’t have to always be at the same location with the other people. When needed, we can edit the same schedule together. It’s a remarkable benefit. Sharing the information is so much easier among the different parties, when everyone can see the same schedule, emphasizes Hyvärinen.

I myself learned how to use Sitedrive in one night.

– We have started to do our weekly planning on a much more detailed level simply thanks to the fact that Sitedrive is so easy to use. Adding tasks is easy, and managing the current situation has become easier, Hyvärinen continues.

The user interface of Sitedrive is quite intuitive according to Hyvärinen. It is smooth to use, if you have used, for example, Excel or any other corresponding software.

– I myself learned how to use Sitedrive in one night, says Hyvärinen.

– What I also like about Sitedrive is that it’s developed further all the time, and the customers are listened to. The changes asked by us customers are implemented in the software often at a fast pace, thanks Hyvärinen.

– Sitedrive is actually one of those modern tools that every site manager should have, Hyvärinen claims.

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