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Situation room

Leading with data

Shared situational awareness on site progress

Reacting on time

Fira Situation Room is set out to form unified situational awareness for how construction projects progress. Predictability improves and risk management becomes easier, when the process owner and production management regularly analyze data which has been brought together. This way, any potential problems – big and small – get noticed on time and solutions can be found together with the construction sites. When needed, extra resources are directed to where they are most needed. In addition, sites benefit from following set procedures instead of each trying to solve the same issues separately.


Data is collected and brought together automatically from various systems and the daily worksite activities.

reaction ready

Exceptions such as delays or reclamations are managed on the company level, so that sites don’t have to face the problems alone.


The same situational information is visible through organizational boundaries, including customers and authorities, as clear reports.


When digital tools are used throughout a construction project, also a lot of valuable data gets collected in the process. In short term, this for example reduces the need for separate reporting and unifies site-specific procedures into company-wide processes. In long term, however, it enables deeper learning and optimization. Processing the data brings understanding to which data is valuable for management and development purposes, and what types of processes support smart building activities.

One of the most important goals of Fira Situation Room is continous improvement, learning from current construction projects and transferring these learnings to other projects both inside Fira, and within time, to benefit the entire construction industry.

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