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Leading with data in site office


Data, modules & collaboration

From builders to builders

Fira Sitedrive in Fira Smart offering

Fira Sitedrive

Visual, weekly schedule management – together for all construction stakeholders.

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Leading with data in Fira Smart offering

Leading with data

Situational awareness with visually presented, relevant data from various systems, even on-site.

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Fira Modules in Fira Smart offering

Fira Modules

Premium-quality bathroom pods for residential construction with predictability and modularity.

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Data-driven construction site

Digital devices on construction site

Walking the talk

We believe that no tool, no matter how great it is, can fix industry problems itself. It takes also the process and the people. However, with those in place, great tools can help a great deal.

Because we want to ensure our worksites have the best possible tools to help their daily work, we’ve built a couple of our own to complement the mix of vendor offering that already is out there. But rather than just keeping those to ourselves, we offer them for any company to make use of – and hopefully help us make them even better in the future.

Leading with data dashboard

Discover real-time situational awareness

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