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Devices on a construction site

Our focus

Data-drive & re-thinking

Takt production by Fira Smart

Takt production

A Lean methodology at the heart of our production efficiency, where we take our learnings from the sites far beyond software.

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Standardization by Fira Smart


The systemic change requires a well-planned end-to-end flow from design to production to handover, stabilized by standardization.

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Digitalization by Fira Smart


In times that call for digital proximity, we aim to collect and make use of data both by ourselves and in collaboration with the industry.

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Go digital, go modular

Or get it as a service

For a long time, the construction industry has been in need for a productivity leap. We participate in creating it, including value creation for the entire industry.

We already make use of various technologies and methodologies on our sites, including takt production and condition monitoring, as well as our own development for digital tools and modular production.

The data tools and real-time monitoring improve possibilities to, for example, correct errors as soon as they occur so that they don’t multiply. At the same time, we gain ability to collect data from the sites and process it into learnings that benefit everyone in the future projects.

All of this we want to share with all of you.

Piloting in collaboration

Digital development by contractor and owner

Fira Situation Room

Creating the future together

We welcome also parties such as researchers and startups to come and pioneer on our sites. With the collected data and learnings, we continue to develop new solutions which benefit both our sites and others.

Fira also actively takes part in collaboration projects and consortiums that are active in the industry. We also participate in various industry events, where we’d love to meet up with other pioneering parties.

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