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Digitalizing daily construction management – together

Construction software and best practices for fast and assured building production

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Zero-defect handover to a new normal

Too often, construction projects finish late, and at worse, in poor quality. In too many projects, struggles build up with unstandardized production, poor planning and communication, constant changes, failed deliveries and delayed schedules – to the point where projects rely on heroes coming to the rescue rather than site management repetitiously carrying out their daily routines.

The good news is we can change the game. Let us show you how.

Site Management

Time for managing
the site

Daily operations
turned digital

Easy overall
situational management


From learning individuals
to learning a organization

company practices

Visual overall view
to the production


data flow processes

Quality data from
the construction sites

Guidance to use
and implementation

Skanska and Fira Smart develop takt technology of the future for the sites

Coming soon – follow our co-development already now.

Data in construction

Data itself doesn’t create value. Instead, the value is created when the data is made actionable through better and timely management. Leading with data requires solid situational awareness in the form of real-time, visual and centralized information, shown in suitable ways for the construction sites, process owners and company top management. Solid situational awareness, in turn, requires high-quality data. This springs from the daily site operations when digital practices are supported by applications designed for the specific needs of the industry.

From our customers

“Sitedrive is one of those modern tools that every site manager should have.”

Eero Hyvärinen,
Site Manager

J.Malm, a mid-sized main contractor

“Our cooperation with Fira Smart has been really smooth.”

Riku Mandelin,
Senior Vice President

Caverion Finland, a large building services company

“When I update Sitedrive, everyone sees the situation and who’s to do what.”

Alina Leppänen,
Site Manager

Fira Construction, a mid-sized main contractor

Fira Situation Room

Creating the future together

We welcome also parties such as researchers and startups to come and pioneer on our sites. With the collected data and learnings, we continue to develop new solutions which benefit both our sites and others.

Fira also actively takes part in collaboration projects and consortiums that are active in the industry. We also participate in various industry events, where we’d love to meet up with other pioneering parties.

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